Help Women in Your Community Heal From Divorce!

You may be in the middle of a divorce yourself and know 5 other women going through the same issues and struggles you are;  or You may be healed and well-recovered, but know several women still stuck in the pit you successfully escaped;  or you may be a counselor or therapist who wants to help her patients …

Whoever you are,  RADiCAL is a powerful, easy-to-use, step-by-step program to help women heal from the turmoil of divorce. The program encourages class bonding as you all go through recovery and transformation together.  Here are the steps to get your group started:

Step 1 – Secure a Location

Whether this is your home, community center, office or other facility, you need to make sure the space is secure and available for you and the other women to work through the issues of divorce safely and confidentially without interruption.  You may need to talk with decision-makers at your facility to find and reserve the desired room.

Step 2 – Plan Your Class

There are a few simple things you must do to get a class up and running.

  • Set your class start date
  • Find a class leader if you don’t want to lead or don’t already have one
  • Find a meeting space and reserve it

Step 3 – Promote Your Class

If you are running your program from home, you may already have all the women you want in your class.  If you are trying to reach out to those in your community, or trying to serve people at your work or in your professional practice, we provide resources for that.  Promoting the class is very easy with our “Promotion Guide” and the templates and materials available on our website and available from Midlife Divorce Recovery.

Step 4 – Order Your Materials

Once you’ve set your class date and place and found your RADiCAL women, it’s time to order the materials for the class.  You’ll need the Leader’s Materials for the leader or group facilitator to lead the class, plus each woman will need her own Woman’s Materials.  Order Materials Here.