Success Stories

The RADiCAL support group program changes lives.  It helps women who are in the pit of despair at the beginning of the divorce trip get the healing process started. With the encouragement of classmates and the class agenda each week, women learn to move up the ladder of putting their lives back together after divorce.  Then they begin to actually get excited about what comes next and taking actions that will make beautiful, invigorating change happen.  It’s a healing process that helps women, their families and friends, their church and eventually their community by getting these women back in the circle of service and contribution.  When they get better they almost always find ways to help others.  RADiCAL is an amazing life transformation.  See what others have to say:

“Thank you for this group, your dedication to all women going through a midlife divorce, and the tremendous hope you give us all.”  P.P.

” Hi Suzy – the RADiCAL Introductory class was great last night … I already feel a small shift in my thought process.  I read the introduction to your book and was totally inspired.  I’m looking forward to this awesome journey of becoming whole again and evolving into a changed woman full of hope and strength…… Last week was my “year anniversary” of all of the divorce/affair/horrible stuff.  I spent it crying and lamenting what won’t be and what I lost. Now I am ready to look ahead of me instead of focusing on where I was.  Thanks already, for providing a safe place to do all this hard work.  Truly, thank you.”   Class Member, Leawood, KS

“Hi Suzy, It was an honor to be included in your bootcamp.  I hope our testimonies helped the participants.  There were a few in the audience who had that all too familiar fresh mask of pain on their face.  I wanted to go out and embrace each one and reassure her that things will get better.  Thanks again for doing this work.  It is helping many women.”  RADiCAL Class Alum.  D.D.

“Dear Suzy,  What a great day!  It felt so good to help these ladies.  I know why you do this and are so dedicated to it.  I would be glad to help spread the word about RADiCAL whenever you need it.  Again, thank you for today and for all you have done for me and the other Saturday Girls.”  RADiCAL Class Alum.  J.P.

“This group has meant so much to me.  Just having someone who understands what you are going through who you can talk to about it, laugh about it and cry about it with has been wonderful!  It has been fun to get out of my home and out of my own thoughts and do some fun things with other women who are experiencing the same things I am.  It has also been helpful to hear other women’s stories …It helps me put perspective on my own situation.  I feel stronger, less alone and afraid.  It has helped me create my new life because I have the courage to take on my own life, knowing that I have the support of friends to back me up.  I am so grateful to have this group of wonderful, energetic and beautiful women.  It makes me wonder why on earth did the men in their lives leave them!  They are absolutely lovely and I am so fortunate to be a part of that group!”  A.S.

“Dear Father Farnan,  I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for you and St. Thomas More for making the RADiCAL group available.  While I have been divorced for 5 years, I still struggle with the end of my marriage.  It is so refreshing to see the Catholic church reach out to those of us who are working through the issues of divorce.  I personally benefitted from this gathering of women for the past 10 weeks.  It has helped me in my journey toward healing and deepened my faith.  I would like to encourage you to continue this outreach to this hurting segment of the Catholic Community.  My hope is that other parishes will look to your example and extend the same warmth and welcome to a RADiCAL group as well.”  C.R.

“Your program was simply marvelous!  You have created a very special network.  I found it so interesting how Dana expressed how far they have come from their first tear-filled meeting. God bless you!  Keep going and I will keep hounding you for a place in your organization! ” P.S.S. Mediator and Divorce Recovery Speaker

“Suzy,  Congratulations!  I began looking at your book just before Christmas and it was everything that I could do not to pass it out to people.  It is great!    …. It is an excellent tool to assist women through such a devastating event in their lives and you are such a testimony to how life can be better on the other side.  Let me know what I can do to help you launch this.”  Executive Director Christian Psychological Services

“RADiCAL is a gift from God and I would suggest to all to consider very seriously what Suzy has to offer.  The events in Suzy’s own life did not happen by accident.  I wish for her and her family that divorce had never happened to them, but because of what did occur, the gift of Suzy was given to all of us.  Her blogs are more than practical, they are words of wisdom and inspired by great faith.  No one could attend Suzy’s workshops, read her book or participate in her RADiCAL program and not understand how inspired she is.  One could never do what Suzy does alone.  God is with her every word.”  C.E.

“Thanks to you Suzy for all that you do to support with God’s love those who are slowly moving through the many stages of grief.  Thank you for responding to what God has laid on your heart to do to help others experiencing such pain. Blessings and gratitude to you.”  B.R.