Class Preview

This divorce recovery support group is not about just surviving.  It’s not about settling for an “okay” future. It’s about Rising Above Divorce In Confidence And Love.  It’s about creating an adventure-filled purpose-filled life brimming over with all kinds of good things.


Inside RADiCAL Workbook Img

WEEK ONE:  Exchange names and information.  Discuss meeting rules and boundaries. Deciding to get better.  Discuss goals for the class.  Share your personal starting point and what you want to get out of the class. Sign the commitment sheet and the confidentiality sheet.

WEEK TWO:  Get Started.  Surviving:  The days.  The nights.  Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally.  Mastering the Survival Six: 

  1. Get Up
  2. Take A Shower
  3. Fix Your Face
  4. Get Dressed
  5. Eat Something Healthy
  6. Get Moving

WEEK THREE:  Get Strong.  Setting power goals: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social.  Staying balanced. Practical tips to help you develop your new personal best.  Finding the keys to your personal strength.  Introduction to the RADiCAL PowerRecords.

WEEK FOUR:  Get Organized.  Simplify.  De-clutter your life physically and emotionally.  Get your finances in order.  Take care of important papers.  Set up schedules for personal and household maintenance.  Stop trying to be “Boss of the Universe” and Identify and maximize those areas of life that you can control.

WEEK FIVE:  Helping our children.  Gifts we can give them through this experience.  What our children really need.  Giving them the freedom and tools to grow.  Being what we need to be for our children and others in our closest circles of influence.

Woman's Guide BindersWEEK SIX:  Extended family, friends, social groups, the community. Figuring out where you fit in.  Connecting and reconnecting. Deciding who you want in your life now. Setting boundaries.  Talking about your divorce.  Building good relationships.  Getting rid of  toxic relationships.

WEEK SEVEN:  Get Real.  Getting real in your head and in your heart.  Accepting where you are.  Facing being single.  Dealing with difficult social situations.  Getting to know your new best self. Understanding that how life turns out is completely up to you.

WEEK EIGHT:  Choose to Change.  Learning to live in the moment.  Appreciating the potential in “now.”  Changing your attitude, your thinking and your actions.  Learning new ways to talk to yourself.  Getting rid of destructive mind images.  Finding joy in exactly where you are.

WEEK NINE:  Embrace Transformation.  Facing the full force of grief.  Discovering the freedom of forgiveness.  Finding answers.  Surrender.  Transformation.  Believing God’s promises.  A new level of trust and intimacy.  Re-discovering your best self.  Shining your light.

WEEK TEN:  Figuring out your values, your gifts, your goals, your vision.  Creating your Life Vision Statement.  Creating and  sharing our Vision Pages.  New purpose.  New joy.  Embarking on a RADICAL new life that is full of purpose, excitement, adventure and fun.